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"The Babysitter!"
is an exciting new production from Blue Sky Puppet Theatre
specifically designed for the
2017 Library Reading Summer Series: "Build a Better World".

A highly creative and imaginative story told in the intimate style of a visible puppeteer working at a large table.
The puppeteer is the "The Babysitter".

Story Board

Pre-show: The puppeteer teaches the audience the show's peace anthem
 "Building Bridges" with hand gestures.

Listen to "Building Bridges"!
"There's a land that you and I can live in, past the rivers keeping us apart. 
We can get there just by building bridges, from hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart.

-chorus from the theme song, "Building Bridges"



Michael, the puppeteer, visits Stanley and Lois Littleman and hear about their big date that night. Interrupted by a phone call that their babysitter has had an emergency, they ask Michael for a HUGE favor: babysit their kids!

With great trepidation, Michael helps them out even though he hasn't taken care of children since his own kids were little!

And what if these kids misbehave?!
Will Michael be duct taped to a chair and covered with chocolate sauce when the parents return?
Will this be the longest night of the year for Michael?!
And...the Littlemans purposely don't own a television!!!

THIS could be a DISASTER for Michael!

After a hilarious scene of hide and go seek,
Michael settles Olivia (7 years old) and Henry (5 years old), down
and shows them a pop-up book on building and architecture and tells them
about the summer reading program at their library:
"Build a Better World"



Olivia and Henry want to be read "Goldy Locks and The Three Bears"
 but after one page, they decide that they want it
acted out by Michael! using their stuffed animals.

Olivia and Henry insist on doing
a "pop-up" version of "The Three Little Pigs" for Michael.
They get building ideas from books from the summer reading series.

Olivia and Henry get into a little squabble,
 but Michael gets them working together to do a spectacular building sequence
featuring Cat Town and Dog Town built from found objects in their house.

Olivia and Henry (with the audience) sing their favorite song, "Building Bridges",
 as they assemble a "peace bridge" uniting the feuding cats and dogs,
 and everyone lives happily ever after.

The Littlemans return home and are filled with gratitude
to find their children asleep. They are greatly relieved
when Michael says, "We had a ball! Let's do it again!".

The show concludes with the audience all participating
and singing "Building Bridges".
Then the audience is invited to "meet and greet" the puppets!
Listen to "Building Bridges"! 

This "Table Top" performance is a major stylistic departure
from the rod puppets behind a 6 foot curtain that we're famous for.
This 35 minute presentation is an intimate show that is performed Bunraku style
on a custom built table with the performer visible.
It accommodates 150 amazed and delighted viewers of all ages.

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4301 Van Buren St.  University Park,  MD  20782      301-927-5599